Updated: Apr 1, 2021


Unless there’s a lion chasing me, fear can shut the hell up!

Action Plan:

Often we feel anxiety and worry because we’re anxious about the future; it’s very rarely because something is happening right at this moment (like a lion chasing you). But, internally, it can still feel as frightening as that. So, our brains decide this danger is imminent and really fixate on it to try and figure out how to fix it. You know, it wants to fix this “thing” … that hasn’t even fucking happened!

I saw Byron Katie speak once (author of Loving What Is). She told a story about a time when a man threatened her with a gun to her stomach. I couldn’t believe that she actually described that moment as, “a kind of falling in love.” She said, “I could hear the fish splashing, the frogs croaking, and I could feel the warm desert air against my cheeks. It was such a beautiful night and I thought that if this was the moment when I was going to die, then it was a beautiful moment indeed.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing it will be a long fucking while before I become this enlightened! But it does help me to see what is possible. I mean, if she can see the beauty and love and the absolute perfection of that moment, why can’t I see it in whatever is causing me anxiety today.

If you’re currently obsessing over something that worries you, remember this: thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are not facts; they are not real. And sometimes they can be lying bitches… just sayin’!

Question them. Ask them if they are absolutely sure this negative thing will happen. That will usually make them shut the hell up. But, even if it doesn’t, know that you are allowed to detach from them. They are not you. They are not real.

Spiral level: Really Low, Pretty Shitty, Meh

Use when feeling: scared, overwhelmed, worried