There will probably be some bad days ahead, so I’m sure as hell going to enjoy the good ones while they’re here.

Action Plan:

For a while when I a kid, my parents gave me a small monthly allowance. One night, as I was explaining to them, with great excitement and anticipation, about something I was saving my money for, they informed me that they couldn’t afford to give me an allowance any more. I went from elated to completely devastated in one second.

That was my first “rug ripped out from under me “experience; sadly it wasn’t my last. We’ve all experienced these in our lives and they are so debilitating that, as a coping mechanism, many of us choose to temper our elation in our happier moments in an attempt to prepare for the proverbial fucking shoe to drop.

In fact, while writing this book, a friend wrote to me: “I have moved to the top of the spiral, but based on history, don’t trust it to last and don’t want to be that person who celebrates wildly when things are going right, knowing that it could all come crashing down moments later...”

When I read it, I could relate to it so strongly that I immediately wrote about it in my journal to try and make sense of it. What I ultimately came to was this: “So, let me get this straight: our solution to fearing the inevitability of losing happiness is to forgo it altogether?” When you write it out, it makes you go “WTAF?” doesn’t it?

So, if you’ve ever found yourself doing this, why not try flipping it to this. “If I’m gonna be disappointed eventually anyway – why don’t I just go ahead and enjoy the fuck out of this good moment?!”

And P the fuck S, who says things will go badly this time? I read somewhere that 85 percent of the things we worry about never happen. So I say celebrate wildly, my friend! You deserve it!

Spiral level: Really Low, Pretty Shitty, Meh

Use when feeling: frustrated, worried, unsure, indifferent