The more I search for beauty, the more I find it … in people, in the world, in me.

Action Plan:

There is so much beauty in the world that, sometimes, it completely overwhelms me! And, when I say beauty, I’m not just talking about physical, human beauty. I’m talking about anything that makes your heart sing… a friend’s kindness, an old woman’s hands as she knits, a man’s rough and tattered hands as he turns the pages of a book, the way my friend moves around the kitchen with such ease that it’s almost a dance, cottonwood floating in the sky, the sound of my dogs breathing ….

Today put your rose colored glasses on. Find beauty in the mundane. I once found beauty in snow sitting atop my dog’s poop. I mean, seriously, fresh snow makes everything look beautiful!

Make it your mission! Look for it, write it down and talk about like a proselytizing zealot! I promise you will be astounded by how much you find…

Spiral level: Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: inspired, frustrated, indifferent, grateful