The more I get to know myself, the more amazed I am by my complexity, depth and capacity for love!

Action Plan:

We humans are pretty remarkable. The human brain is arguably the most complex machine in the known universe (and I won’t even get started with all that our bodies are capable of doing). Then, when you think about all that we are capable of expressing, feeling, deducing and intuiting and … mind blown!

Now take all of that “every human” complexity and add your own unique fabulous-ness to it and DAY-UM! You are an absolutely unrepeatable, exceptional being. It’s just a fact.

Take a few moments to ponder this today. What makes you uniquely you? Get to know yourself and marvel at how incredible you are. Make a list of the things that are part of the rare and wonderful you!

And, yes, even your “faults;” they are yours, baby! Own them and acknowledge them as things that make you distinctive! Change the things you’re not in love with and treasure the things you love. In fact, why not make two lists like this:

Unique and cool things that I never want to change:

Listening to my dog chew on a bone puts me in a meditative state

Unique and not so cool things that I want to change:

I tend to take on the guilt of others even if I am not guilty at all

All I’m saying is this: don’t take who you are for granted. You are extraordinary. Own that!

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great!

Use when feeling: uneasy, frustrated, accepting, encouraged