Sometimes I just can’t believe how crazy good my life is!

Action Plan:

Sometimes when we feel great, we think there’s no reason to read an affirmation or do “inner work.” And honestly, that’s probably true. When you really think about it though, isn’t this the best time to do some work? You’re energetic, excited, happy! When you feel this great, “work” isn’t work, is it? It’s a joy!

Let’s put all that exuberant energy out into the world and run with it! By doing this, not only are you telling the universe, “Yes! I love this! I’ll take more of this, please!”, AND you’re also in a great position to help your future self and others.

Here are 2 ideas of things you can do when you feel great:

Record this moment: write it in your gratitude journal, make a video, take pictures, do something to record how great you’re feeling. So, if you’re ever feeling low, you can remind yourself that you got here this time and you can get here again! Also, recounting your joys makes them multiply and somehow become more … joyous! You’ll find yourself writing things like, “Oh, wait, I just remembered another thing that’s great!”

If you’ve got excess joyous energy in your body, send it to someone who might need it. You’re making it like crazy right now, so you can spare it! You can do this energetically through meditation or you can reach out to someone … a call, text, flowers, a card ... just anything to let someone know you love them and are thinking of them.

And then go out there and get down with your joyous self! You deserve it!

Spiral level: Great

Use when feeling: accepting, inspired, grateful, connected