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Some things can’t be figured out … I will relax, let go and trust that everything will work out exactly as it should.

Action Plan:

Letting go … surrendering… this is a really tough one for me because, “Hi, my name is Nancy. I am a recovering control freak.” Although, I prefer the word manager, thank you very much. If you’ve ever said the words, “Oh, just give it to me. I’ll do it,” I’m sure you can relate. I have organized, prioritized and controlled a lot of things in my life. And I am pretty damn good at it.

But some things can’t be controlled or coerced, no matter how much we try. Some things are completely out of our hands and need to be surrendered. If you have faith in a higher power, I think this is a lot easier; if you don’t, or if your faith is a little shaky (as in my case), this can be a little more tricky.

If you have something that’s worrying you about the future right now, here’s something you can try. If you’re a little bit like me … a bit of a manager who has some wobbly faith, start with the first one. If not, you can probably jump right to #2.

1. Go ahead and do what you can – research, discuss, make pros and cons lists, make all the lists. Make this problem your bitch.

2. Write down all of your fears about this issue; anything that’s keeping you up at night. Put them in a surrender box (any box with a lid), and say anything that will help you let go. I usually simply say, “I’m letting you go and trusting that the way will be made clear.”

I’m not gonna lie, you may have to do this again, and that’s ok. It’s a practice … just keep letting go…

Spiral level: ALL

Use when feeling: uneasy, overwhelmed, scared, worried

anxiety, fear, confusion

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