Updated: Apr 1, 2021


Nothing lasts forever! This doesn’t make a bad period suck any less, but at least it helps me realize that it will eventually end.

Action Plan:

For some reason, when we are in the midst of, um, let's call it a not so great period, that roommate in our head likes to lie to us and tell us it will never end; that this is the way we will feel for the rest of our days. Then, we do the only natural thing … we believe it! And then we worry … a lot … Then we beat ourselves up for worrying and try and think of something positive because, dammit, we shouldn’t be concentrating on the negative, we should be ... Ugh! It’s exhausting.

When we try to “skip over” the sadness (or anger or whatever) by willing ourselves to be positive, we can often just prolong it. I mean, it’s going to rear its ugly head down the line if we don’t deal with it now. It’s called repression baby and that shit is toxic. The secret is finding a way to stay balanced between looking on the bright side and dealing with our shit. It’s a thin fucking line, so give yourself a break if you haven’t mastered this yet – few people have!

So that’s your job for today … I want you to give yourself a fucking break! Just be. If you’re sad about something, allow yourself to be sad for a bit. Cry about it. Eat some ice cream. Call a friend and bitch about it. Do whatever you need to do today to honor your feelings; to honor yourself.

It will end. It always does. Unless you have lived every single day of your life in misery, you know that this is true. So, trust that. And if you can’t believe this right now, trust me. This too shall pass. And, in the meantime, ice cream! Yay!

Spiral level: Really Low, Pretty shitty

Use when feeling: sad, lethargic, depressed, worried, overwhelmed