Updated: Mar 31, 2021


My Superpower Is Resilience.

Action Plan:

Sometimes it can feel like we have seen or dealt with way more than our fair share of shit in this life, and dammit, it sucks, and I totally understand if you’re pissed about it. So, I’m going to suggest something unusual today; I’m going to suggest you have some fun with it. I know this may seem weird and polly-anna-ish, but stay with me.

Play a little “what if” with me. Ask yourself, “What if all of the shit that I have gone through is all part of a great plan and I’ve been intentionally given these challenges and the fucking resilience to make it through them to create the person I am meant to be?”

You may already subscribe to this theory or you may think that it’s complete bullshit (I kind of vacillate between the two). But, I’m asking you to imagine, for one measly day, that there is some great cosmic reason for everything and imagine some reasons why? Here’s an example that I absolutely love, written by Robin Rice:

Think of yourself as a piece of wood, destined to become a divine flute. You must be hollowed out, at first coarsely, then sanded down and refined. Holes must be drilled with great precision. It may seem these invasions are random, as if some crazed God up there has chosen you for an extra dose of suffering. But if you open yourself, let the grief whittle away at your blockages, soon enough you'll start to feel a truly Divine Wind blowing through you. You will start to hear a few clear notes.

If you can’t quite get there, that’s ok; be fucking proud of yourself! You are resilient as hell which makes you a rock star! Or a flute star!

Spiral level: Really Low or Pretty Shitty or Meh

Use when feeling: sad, pissed, depressed, indifferent