Updated: May 18, 2021


My body is AMAZING!

Action Plan:

I sent myself a note the other day. It said, “I'm so tired of being disgusted about myself where my weight is concerned - ugh!”

I lost about 35 lbs a few years ago and have mostly been able to keep it off, then fucking Covid hit and, while I did great in the beginning, I’ve gained 15 lbs back (maybe more, I’m actually afraid to get back on that fucking scale, to be honest). So, now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I am truly disgusted. Then I’ll usually back it up by contemptuously saying something like, “Remember how good you used to look?” (insert eye roll here)

Well, right after I had written that note to myself about being disgusted, I saw this on FB:

“we’re in such toxic relationships with our bodies, they work so hard to keep us alive and we’re constantly like ugh you’re disgusting”

It was a tweet by someone named Ely Kreimendahl, who I’ve never even met. She actually used the same word, so I have decided that the universe sent her to me to remind me how much my body does for me every fucking day! Thanks, Ely!

So, I have decided that whenever I look in the mirror and feel that disgust, I’m just gonna say, “Thank you, my fabulous body, for keeping me alive and putting up with my shit (literally and figuratively)! You’re amazing!” And I have to admit, some days I can only manage the "Thanks for putting up with my shit!" part, but that works too...

If you can relate, try this too and say whatever you can bring yourself to say that shows gratitude for all that your body does for you. And, be gentle and kind with yourself … and your body.

Spiral level: RL, PS, Meh

Use when feeling: down on self, sad, frustrated, mad at self