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It’s the craziest thing ... the more I search for joy, the more I find!

Action Plan:

Have you ever noticed that, when we’re feeling down, we’re so aware of what’s making us feel badly or what we need to fix that we could write a novel about it? Yet, generally, when we’re feeling great, we don’t even really give it a second thought. In fact, often, we’re more like, “Yeah, yeah, that’s great, now I want….”

So, if you’re feeling pretty darn good right now, how about you write a book about that?! Make today about searching for and ruminating on what’s making you feel so darn good! Write it down and just bask in it for a while.

Not only does this tell the universe, “Here it is! This is the stuff I love, I’m grateful for, and I want to attract more of!,” but it also reminds you of what you’ve accomplished, so you can give yourself a much needed pat on the back. And it just reminds you what you love – ‘cuz sometimes we can forget what we love.

And, for extra credit, see if you can find things that aren’t dependent on outside sources. This is what I mean:

“I’m so happy I just got the job I wanted!” is dependent on… well, getting the job.

“I love that I have found time to meditate each day.” is something that you can always control, no matter what else is going on in your life.

The reason it’s important to find those things (and I don’t mean to bum you out, just trying to keep it real) is that you are probably going to have some not so great days in the future (not many, just a few!), and this list will be really helpful when the roommate in your head tries to tell you that there’s nothing to be grateful for… Just sayin’…

Spiral level: Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: inspired, accepting, grateful

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