Updated: May 4, 2021


It’s ok for me to have confidence in myself.

Action Plan:

I have to admit, this started out being “Confidence is my second nature…” but, yeah, I just couldn’t say it. I know the rules about affirmations and everything, but like I have said before, I feel that we need to really believe what we are affirming or it doesn’t mean shit!

So, because I have some trouble in the confidence area, sometimes I do this weird thing to bolster it: I compare myself to people who are super confident and super popular …. but who I think are kind of shitty at what they do. See, I told you it was weird. Let me give you an example:

There’s a guy on YouTube who DIY’s these super blingy home décor items. Now, I’m not a fan of the super blingy to begin with, but on top of that, I just think his stuff looks bad. I’m honestly not trying to be a dick, it’s just my personal preference. It looks so bad to me that I could never imagine anyone liking it. But, guess what? He has thousands of subscribers. People LOVE him (he is rather charming)! He is making money and people LOVE the things he makes.

It just makes me realize that there is an audience for everything and everyone. By embracing who he is and feeling confident in his ability, he has found thousands of people who have his same quirky design sense.

So, I give you permission to be completely confident in yourself and with your abilities. Whatever you do, wherever you are, your unique quirkiness is absolutely perfect … for you … maybe for lots of people! As they say, “Let your freak flag fly, baby!”

Spiral level: Pretty Shitty, Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great!

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