In spite of all the shit I've been through (or maybe because of it), I am pretty freakin’ amazing actually!

Action Plan:

In Japan they have a term called Wabi Sabi. It’s a principal of accepting imperfections as just part of life. In fact the word “Sabi” is translated as “taking pleasure in the imperfect.” A great example of this is the art of Kintsugi, (meaning “golden joinery”).

This is an artistic technique of repairing broken pottery with gold dusted adhesive, so the cracks are emphasized rather than hidden. It’s a way of celebrating the pottery’s unique history … of giving it new life and revitalizing it. And ultimately, making it even more beautiful than when it was new and pristine.

In the U.S., we live in a culture that is consumed with perfectionism. I’m not aware of any term in our language that celebrates imperfection (although, Brene Brown does have a great book called, The Gifts of Imperfection that does a wonderful job of that).

Contemplate this thought today. Imagine that whatever hardships you’ve encountered on your journey that have “cracked” you, were an essential part of your growth – to make you into the fabulously unique individual you are today. See if you can imagine yourself lovingly, painstakingly dusting those cracks with gold. Stand back and admire them; appreciate them; and maybe even be grateful for them.

A friend of mine once said, “Why would I regret anything from my past? It made me who I am today … and I love who I am today.”

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: accepting, frustrated, uneasy, inspired, regret