If I’m having a bad day, fuck it! Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett!

Action Plan:

I’m going to introduce you to a little word that just rocked my world: “päntsdrunk.” I learned about this term from a little book called: Päntsdrunk – The Finnish Path to Relaxation (Drinking at Home, Alone, in Your Underwear). It originates from the Finnish term kalsarikänni, the combination of two words: kalsari (underwear) and känni (state of inebriation). You have got to love any culture that has a term for that, am I right?!

The basic idea is this: after a long, hard day, difficult day, it is totally okay to go home, strip down to whatever is comfortable, open a beer or have a glass of wine and watch some mindless TV. Not only is that ok, but it’s essential for your wellbeing – to keep you in balance.

Now, it doesn’t have to be that exactly; it doesn’t even have to include alcohol. It’s just about giving yourself a fucking break, pampering yourself and just chillin’. It’s about giving yourself permission to recharge and get back to a state of equilibrium.

So, if you’ve had a bad day today, have a päntsdrunk night! Treat yourself with love and kindness! As Scarlett said, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

Disclaimer: P the fuck S, if you have a problem with alcohol (which can range anywhere from I feel worse if I drink it to being an alcoholic), or are underage, this is NOT permission to consume alcohol! This is about taking good care of yourself and, if you have a problem with alcohol, consuming it is not what you need (nor is doing it to excess, btw). Take a bath, watch a movie, listen to music, hell, masturbate! There are plenty of other ways to relax. In fact, check out the Päntsdrunk book for other ideas! It’s a fun read – even on a pantsdrunk night!

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great!

Use when feeling: pissed, frustrated, overwhelmed, overworked