I will not let politics divide me from people I love.

Action Plan:

Ok, let’s get something straight right off the bat – I HATE politics! I’m using the word HATE here, which to me is a big fucking deal. I don’t like to talk about it … even with people who agree with the things I believe. In fact, in order to even brooch this subject, I just had to spray myself with lavender!

But, I gotta talk about it because it’s there – EVERY FUCKING DAY! I can’t get 2 or 3 swipes down my Facebook feed before I run into it (which means I spend less and less time on Facebook these days). And because it’s there, I need to find a way to deal with it on an emotional and spiritual level. So, here’s what I do; take whatever works for you (if anything):

1. I believe that we are all being fed information that fits our narrative. If you believe that about the “other side,” but not about your side, well, I have to say that I believe that thinking to be naïve.

2. If there is someone who is in my life that I love, I have decided that I will not judge them based on their political party. I love them and I understand that #1 can be affecting the choices they make.

3. If I love someone, I concentrate on what I love about them – how kind, loving, generous and funny they are.

4. For people outside my inner circle and for those actually in politics, I concentrate on those things that we all have in common – our humanness and our need for compassion and understanding. I know we all want what is best for ourselves and our loved ones.

4. I spend as little time being fed by #1 as possible. I try to find news that is the most impartial, limit my intake, and read every fucking thing with a healthy dose of skepticism.

5. When it gets too much, I completely unplug and will meditate, do yoga, aromatherapy, exercise, pet my dogs… anything mindful that brings me back to the present.

Spiral level: All

Use when feeling: people, ugh!, overwhelmed, frustrated