I vow (even if it's just for this moment) that I won't let anything block my joy in the present.

Action Plan:

Man, I have trouble making decisions. Not only making them, but in endlessly ruminating on them after they are made - wishing I could change them, wondering if I did the right thing, or what would have happened if I did something different. You know, all really useful and productive pursuits. Ugh!

I remember doing this “ruminating” when I was driving home from yoga one day. We had moved to Texas from California about a year earlier. I was thinking about some issues that had come up since the move (I honestly don’t even remember what they were now). So I started this shoulda, coulda, woulda party… Then, I just said aloud, rather matter-of-factly to myself, “Well, I’m here now, so….”

As I thought about how to finish that sentence, I realized, because you know, I had just done yoga, so I was all existential and shit … THAT IS the end of that sentence. “I am here now.” Period. Well, that became my new fuckin’ mantra. What’s done is done, baby! I have made the decisions I have made, and I may have fears about the future, but I. AM. HERE. NOW. That is all I need to worry about. And right now… well… all is well…

Whenever you find yourself getting anxious about the future or depressed about the past, repeat this mantra: I. AM. HERE. NOW.

That’s it! Just be present … oh, and be grateful … and then, well… repeat …

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty darn good, Great

Use when feeling: frustrated, overwhelmed, conflicted, worried