Updated: Apr 1, 2021


I release the compulsion to be perfect.

Action Plan:

Do you find yourself always striving to be perfect; to do everything perfectly? Do you hesitate to do things if you think you can’t do them perfectly? Do you think you have to be perfect for people to love you?

UGH! That’s a shit ton of pressure on yourself, darlin’! Not to mention exhausting! Oh, and here’s a newsflash that may just rock your world: You are not perfect. There, I said it. Are you crushed? Surprised? Oh, here’s another one: I am not perfect. Ok, that was harder to write than I thought … but ultimately, what a relief!

And guess what? People still love you. They do! And lest you think you have them fooled into thinking you’re perfect, I’m here to tell you that they already know … and they love you anyway. Isn’t that the best news?!

So, today, spend as long as you want doing a No Pressure Meditation. What is that, you say? It’s a meditation with no rules; there is no right or wrong. You can sit, lay down, cross your legs, don’t cross ‘em, listen to sounds, listen to music, let your mind wander, bring your mind back to the present … it does not matter!

Just be mindful for a while. And there’s no time limit. Only got 30 seconds … that’s ok! Wanna spend an hour and then take nap? Sounds perfect. Oops! How did that word get in there?!

Spiral level: ALL

Use when feeling: lethargic, depressed, frustrated