I release anything that doesn’t serve me.

Action Plan:

If we could actually physically see the things we emotionally carry with us throughout the day, I bet we’d be astounded! Even when we’re feeling pretty good, I bet we’d still probably look like a pack mule! So, it’s a good idea to regularly release things that we don’t need. These can be past hurts you haven’t let go of, fears that kind of got lodged in you, things that you can’t even name, but somehow hold you back, or emotions that aren’t even yours, if you’re particularly empathic.

There are several techniques for releasing stuck energy, but one of my favorite things to do is what I call a “Surrender Shower.” It’s my favorite for so many reasons: It’s super straightforward because it’s easy to visualize energies being washed from your body and into the drain; it’s easy to fit into busy schedules, ‘cuz, you know, we gotta shower anyway; it encourages mindfulness, which is good for the soul; and it makes you really enjoy how great it feels to shower, which promotes feelings of gratitude, which is also good for you! This all adds up to also making my multi-tasking heart happy… just sayin’.

So, here’s what you do:

The next time you take a shower, visualize the water as white light. Imagine that it is washing away any energy you don’t need down the drain. If you know of something specific that you need to release, or if something specific pops up as you’re doing it, go ahead and go with that. Otherwise, just imagine that it is releasing anything that doesn’t serve your higher good. As you bathe your body and wash your hair, imagine that you’re loosening up anything that is stuck. As it releases, notice how much lighter you feel and be grateful that you can do this any time you need to.

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: uneasy, overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, worried