I promise to listen to my soul more and more every day.

Action Plan:

Inspiration – it’s one of my favorite words. It’s defined as: A divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. From the Latin word Spiritus, meaning “divine breath.”

Take some time today to listen to your soul desires. Ask your soul or higher power, “What do you want me to know or do or be?” Find 5 minutes (at least) and write down what you hear. It can be absolutely anything that excites you… a dream, thought, idea or even grand plan … Don’t judge it, even if it sounds outlandish.

Then, close your eyes, whisper what you wrote into your upwardly cupped palms and blow on it, sending it out into the universe and say this intention aloud: “I’m listening.” Then imagine a big budget movie director takes over for the rest:

Imagine this soul desire is lifted, like a feather into the sky (Start the inspiring music here). As it gets so high that you can barely see it, imagine that it bursts, in slow motion of course, and becomes thousands of beautiful, glittering lights that slowly rain down on you. And as those beautiful gold sparkles softly fall toward you, the camera zooms in (in soft focus) and we can see that they are slips of golden parchment, “Spiritus” notes, saying things like…

You’re on the right track – You know what to do – I love you – You are amazing – I’m so proud of you – Keep going – Don’t give up – Trust me - Do what you can – You are perfect – You can do it!

Drink them in, know they are true. Write them down for later if you’re confronted with all of the things that tempt you to forget. Listen, trust … and, if a step presents itself, go ahead, take it.

Spiral level: Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: inspired, frustrated