Updated: Apr 1, 2021


I need to remember that I am a super cool person.

Action Plan:

Sometimes we can get too focused on “fixing” what we think is wrong with us or just dealing with whatever shit we have to deal with that we can forget how cool we actually are. And, if you have a teenager, it’s really difficult to remember this fact. I mean, even Johnny Depp’s kids think he is a social pariah. Kids can never appreciate their parents’ coolness. sigh…

So, today, write down as many things that you can think of that make you cool or just interesting. These things will be really personal, since everyone’s idea of what’s cool is different. Think about some things that, whenever you tell people about it, they say, “that’s pretty cool.” Or these could be things that you know people don’t really appreciate, but dammit, you think they’re cool! Here are some of mine, in case you need ideas:

I have a tattoo

I am totally rockin’ my long gray hair

I can go from spiritual to badass in less than 2 seconds

I can see creativity and benevolence in everyone (well, almost)

And don’t tell me that there’s nothing cool about you, because I know there is. Hell, even my dad has some cool things about him, and he would be considered “square” in most circles. He’s a Marine and he also loves to read poetry… I think that’s pretty cool. And, besides, you are reading this book, which makes you super cool in my eyes!

Have some fun with it! Write about your coolness and get excited about it again – get excited about YOURSELF again! ‘Cuz, ya know, you are too cool for school, baby!

Spiral level: Really Low, Pretty Shitty, Meh

Use when feeling: down on self, mad at self, frustrated