I’m a loving parent and my children are going to be just fine.

Action Plan:

Parenting is hard. It’s a tough job for any parent, but moms have that added stigma that they will be blamed for every last fucking thing during their adult child’s therapy sessions.

Well, I say, “Fuck Freud!” Just because I’m the mom, doesn’t mean I’m to blame for everything … or anything! But most moms I know have a running list in their heads of things to feel guilty about.

But I’m betting that even the most enlightened and prepared parent didn’t parent perfectly. And you know why? Well, to be honest, I’m not really sure, but I’m gonna make a guess … Because we’re all such unique humans and encounter so many uncommon situations, how can we possibly know what to do in every instance?

Well, we can’t! That means you can give yourself a fucking break! And PS, if something’s going down with your kid, adding your own guilt (for whatever the hell you’re blaming yourself for) helps no one, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to let that shit go… Just sayin’….

Here are a few things to remember:

· You can’t change the past. You probably made mistakes (we ALL have), but you did what you thought was best at the time. Learn from them and move the fuck on. And P the fuck S, you did A LOT right!

· Most things that our kids do have nothing to do with us. They are just little humans reacting to life with their human selves.

· Deal with the problem at hand. And if it’s an adult child, help them navigate the problem; but remember that it is their problem.

· Your child loves you. You’re a good parent. And they are going to be just fine. Think of all of that sketchy shit you did growing up and look! You’re fine … better than fine! All will be well.

Spiral level: All

Use when feeling: family shit (kids), worried