While doing research for my “theorem” and setting up this website, I came across A LOT of images of spirals. I had always heard about the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio, but until I read more about them, I had never really wrapped my head around how prevalent the spiral is in nature. It’s in EVERYTHING:

It's in flower petals, plants, waves, spider webs, shells, snails, corals, human DNA, beehives, galaxies, etc. In fact I read somewhere that “Anything that we don’t interfere with, and is left in nature to grow organically, spirals in concentric circles.”

And not only is the spiral everywhere, but it's amazing and awe inspiring and well, to use the surfing vernacular, "it's like, totally tubular, man!"

Why we gotta hate our spiral?

So, I was thinking that maybe we wouldn't hate and fear our spirals so much if we looked at them as a natural part of who we are. It made me think of other things that we do naturally that we would fear if we didn’t understand them:

  • Menstruation – Remember that scene in the movie, Carrie? Just sayin'....

  • Farts – Our dog, Muggs, used to be afraid of his farts. He would jump up as if he had just been goosed by some invisible creature!

  • Sleeping – I mean, we lose consciousness every night and have these weird hallucinations. WTH?!

These things are all natural parts of being human, yet I’m guessing if it was our first day as an alien in a human’s body, they'd freak us out!

This idea made me think of a scene from the animated movie, Over the Hedge (naturally!). When the animals first saw the hedge, Penny says, “I'd be a lot less afraid if I just knew what it was called.” So, Hammy says, “Let’s call it Steve.” And Penny responds, “I'm a lot less scared of Steve.”

Getting to Know You

So, that gave me an idea ... why don’t we name our spirals? Instead of saying, “I’m spiraling again,” which conjures up visions of some mysterious dark vortex, wouldn't it be a lot less frightening to say, for instance, “Oh, look! Here comes Penelope...”? I mean, who could be afraid of Penelope, right?

Even if you don’t love Penelope, she’s at least not scary. And, who knows, maybe naming her will help you learn to love her. Maybe you'll learn to see her as that annoying but sweet aunt that visits you whenever you’re having trouble processing something to remind you "There's some shit you gotta deal with, honey..."

I don’t know, clearly I haven’t figured this all out yet, but it sounds like a fun exercise, doesn't it? Let me know what you think. I’m curious to know if you try it and if you find it helpful. And, I definitely want to hear what you decide on for a name! Oooo, and it might be fun to give it a middle and last name too - so you can really yell at it when you're upset, "Penelope Ann Dingleman! Stop that spiraling right now!" Hmmm, I might be onto something here...