I love myself ... even if my body (or my life) is not looking the way I think it’s “supposed to” right now.

Action Plan:

For some reason, our culture seems to emphasize looking “a certain way” (whatever the prevailing “way” is at the moment) or monetary or work achievements above all else. If we don’t “match up”, we are judged; by others and especially ourselves.

I mean, can you imagine looking at a rainbow and complaining that one color was wider than another? Of course not! Because that would be insane! Not to mention that you’d never really fully enjoy the splendor of that rainbow if you’re picking it apart.

But, why do we do this with ourselves? We often judge our entire selves by our “imperfections.” You are just as much of a gorgeous natural wonder as that rainbow. How can you enjoy the sheer splendor of you, if you’re picking out the one or two things that are bothering you and focusing solely on them?

Besides, I don’t know about you, but the more I worry about attaining this “perfect” ideal that society has created, the less authentic I am… and the less fun I have. In fact, to be honest, I’m kind of a pain in the ass (but that’s probably just me).

So today, I want you to find a mantra you can use whenever you judge yourself in any way. It can even be something that acknowledges whatever "imperfection" you're annoyed with. I often use a version of this really great line from the movie, Home for the Holidays (Robert Downey Jr. says it to Anne Bancroft who plays his mom):

"You're a pain in my ass. You have bad hair. But I like you a lot."

Think of something that will really resonate with you ... that you can really say to yourself... and if it makes you laugh, even better!

And look! Someone even turned that quote into a needlepoint! Check it out on Etsy HERE.

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great!

Use when feeling: low self esteem, sadness, anger, down on self, sad, frustrated, mad at self