I love hanging out with myself … I am so much fun to be around!

Action Plan:

When we’re in the upper spiral, it’s easy to see how fabulous we are (well, easier anyway). We’re happy, we’ve got energy, we’re excited about life, which means we’re excited about where we are and who we are! Woohooo!

So, strike while the iron is hot, baby! Write that shit down! Write down all of the things that make you great! No one else is going to read it, so go ahead and unabashedly sing your praises! Write until you make yourself blush! And use a lot of exclamation points like I’m doing here!!

And don’t worry if some things pop up that perhaps you’re not so fond of in yourself – that’s ok! Write them down too and have some fun with them; see the good in them or just laugh at them! Remind yourself that you don’t have to take yourself so seriously. It’s all part of what makes you so damn brilliant that everyone wants to be near you! And they do, you know … because you are awesome!

Make it your goal to make those days when you forget your magnificence fewer and farther between. Hell, make it your goal to reach Maya Angelou status in this area. Along with all of the other amazing things that this incredible woman said and did, she was totally in love with herself. One of my favorite quotes of hers was this:

Spiral level: Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: encouraged, uneasy, accepting, boost