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I love discovering what I already know.

Action Plan:

If you’re like me, you might have learned to look outside yourself for answers; checking in with others before deciding what to do. I’m a big fan of asking people’s opinions – of weighing the pros and cons, reading, researching… I mean, I can research the shit out of anything!

Unfortunately, if we do this too much, we don’t always trust and listen to our inner knowing. And these days, with information coming to us from so many conflicting places, learning to trust our intuition becomes even more valuable.

There are many schools of thought that tell us that we already know what to do; what is right for us. Many of them are pretty out there, so I won’t go into them, but one that I really like is the twist on tossing a coin to make a decision. Instead of letting the coin decide, notice how you feel when it lands (or even your thoughts while it's in the air): do you feel satisfied or uneasy at the “choice” the coin made. Paying attention to how you feel about a decision is your guide to making a decision that is in line with your intuition.

For more “scientific proof” of this theory, I give you Star Wars:

Luke: “But how am I to know the good side from the bad?”

Yoda: “You will know… when you are calm, at peace.”

Trust what you already know, and, then do what feels right … for right now. If you feel unsure later, check in again, internally. Things may have changed, and that’s ok. Oh, and breathe…

Spiral level: General Malaise

Use when feeling: uneasy, frustrated, worried, overwhelmed, reminder

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