I have so much Energy and Excitement for life that, sometimes, I can hardly contain it!

Action Plan:

When you are simply bursting with energy and excitement for life, I say DON’T contain it! Go ahead and let is burst out of you! Use all of that gloriousness to go forth and do something great … for yourself … for a friend … for the world! Here are some ideas:

DREAM: Is there something you’ve been dreaming about doing and you’ve just been waiting for a sign to get started? Well, this is the sign … the stars are aligned; they’ve rung the starting bell; they’ve just fired the starting gun… Ok, you get the idea … The time is now …

SAVOR: Relish these great feelings, savor them! Write them down in great detail, so you can bank them for a rainy day. Do whatever you can to squeeze every last drop of joy out of this moment!

LOVE: Remember the game 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'? Well today, use your “call a friend” option to check in on someone and send them some love. Tell them what you love about them; how grateful you are for them.

GIVE: Do you know someone who is having a hard time? Why not decide to be their Secret Santa today? Think of something you can do that would totally make their day. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, but make it something clever and fun, so they know you really thought about it – thought about them. For instance, one time a friend of mine, who loves finger puppets was sick. To make her feel better, I sent her some finger puppets and wrote a little song that the finger puppets could sing to each other.

Just go crazy with your elated self! Enjoy every moment; you deserve it!

Spiral level: Great

Use when feeling: inspired, expectant, encouraged, grateful, accepting, connected