I don’t mean to brag, but did you know that I am in control of the ENTIRE world?! Yep, it’s true… Because I control how I choose to see and react to ev-er-y-thing! Mic drop…

Action Plan:

If there’s one constant in the universe, it is that sometimes shit happens that we have absolutely no control over. If we can learn how to dance in the rain, we can get through absolutely anything – and that, my friend, makes you a Badass! If you’re feeling some anxiety or fear today over things you can’t control, here are some things you can do to control your reaction to it:

Allow yourself to sit with whatever is bothering you for a couple of minutes. Let your fear speak its peace. Write it in your journal. Really hear what it has to say. As you do, tell yourself things like, “That is so scary. I’m so sorry you’re going through that.” and “It’s okay. It’s normal to feel this way.” Write those down too.

When you’ve heard the whole story, finish it off by writing, “Dear (Fear), Thanks for worrying about me. I have heard you, and I appreciate you pointing these things out to me. These are things that are outside of my control, so I am releasing them. Rest assured, if I can do something about it at some point, I will. Thanks for looking out for me, but you can now chill. I'm on it. Sincerely, (Your name, The Badass)”

Then write at least 3 things you are grateful for. They can be related or unrelated to your current issue (although if you find gratitude in something that is directly related to your issue, you get a bonus Badass Star!). Then, read it out loud and really drink it in; I mean close your eyes and let the gratitude fill you!

Have something nurturing, enjoyable and engrossing planned immediately after you’re done: call a good friend, do yoga, color, take a walk, etc. You just dealt with some serious shit! You deserve it!

Spiral level: Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: scared, worried, overwhelmed, grateful, accepting