I deserve to be happy.

Action Plan:

Oh, it’s such a simple statement, isn’t it? I deserve to be happy. It’s also a little trite, isn’t it? Well, you know why people say it all the time? Um, because it’s true.

You deserve happiness by the mere fact that you are a human being on this planet. If you doubt that, then consider this: If I were to show you a picture of a child right now and ask you, “Does this child deserve to be happy?” What would your answer be? It would be an unequivocal “Yes!” wouldn’t it?

Would you first ask, “Has that child made any mistakes? Has she done everything she’s supposed to do? Has he helped other people? Is she successful?” You wouldn’t, would you? I mean that would be crazy, right?

Well, newsflash … you are that child. Should the mere fact of simply aging change that? Don’t even think about answering that, it’s rhetorical! The answer is a resounding, “No!”

So, today, I want you to examine if there’s anything blocking you from feeling like you deserve to be happy. Maybe there’s some old shame or guilt that kind of popped up as you were reading this. Maybe it feels selfish or you feel guilty for feeling deserving.

Whatever comes to mind, whisper them one at a time into your cupped hands; then open your hands and blow them away. They don’t serve you, or the world. It’s time to let them go. You are that sweet, beautiful child who deserves happiness beyond measure.

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great!

Use when feeling: uneasy, inspired, accepting