I can release old fears and beliefs that don’t serve me.

Action Plan:

So, I have a few phobias. Many of them I’m still working on (don’t even get me started on spiders), but one that I completely conquered in one day, one moment really, is a fear of bees.

This happened at the skate park when I was there with my son when he was younger. It happened at the same time as another amazing thing that I write about in this book, so I was in this perfect zen state that allowed me to remain calm and see things clearly.

I was sitting on a small platform where a lot of the kids who were skating set down their belongings and the sodas and waters they are drinking. While I was watching him skate, I noticed my shadow on the ground. I also noticed some other shadows. They were small flying dots that seemed to be all around me. I turned around and noticed that the kids’ open cans of soda had attracted probably 10 or 12 bees. You might not think that sounds like a lot, but keep in mind, a single bee has sent me into the house running.

I just sat there and watched the bees zipping along from can to can drinking of the glorious nectar of the soda Gods, and realized that I had been there for over an hour while a full swarm of bees was buzzing all around behind me (well, that’s a swarm in my book…).

Even though I was perfectly safe and nothing was threatening me, I could feel that the old familiar fear wanted to well up in me, but then it struck me, “Why would I suddenly be afraid now? They’ve been here all of this time and nothing bad happened.” I can let this fear go. And I did….

Sometimes we hold onto old fears and beliefs, even when we’ve learned that they’re unfounded. Do you have an old fear or belief like this? Write it down on a piece of paper, tear it up and throw it away. You can let it go… it’s ok. You don’t need it anymore…

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great!

Use when feeling: scared, uneasy, powerless, accepting

anxiety, fear, confusion, next level shit