I release what is not mine to feel.

Action Plan:

I am a highly sensitive person which means I’m extremely sensitive to other’s emotions. When someone feels pain, I actually feel it. I don’t mean to say I know exactly what others are feeling, but I can actually feel the pain as if it were happening to me.

Sometimes when I feel other’s emotions, I hold onto them and can forget that they don't belong to me; I absorb them as if they were my own. This can create all sorts of issues for a person who is highly sensitive. We can sometimes forget that we can be empathetic without having to actually absorb other people’s emotions as our own.

If you are empathic or highly sensitive and have some of these issues, remember that it is ok to set boundaries and take care of yourself. And also remember that it doesn't really help the other person if you are feeling their pain too ... jus' saying...

Here are some things that I do that I have found helpful:

  • Avoid over-stimulating yourself with the news of the world; If you can skip the news entirely, even better. In general, concentrate on things that are happening locally. I just don’t think our brains were designed to know every horrible thing that happens everywhere; at least I know mine was not.

  • If you must partake in the news or if people near you are struggling, protect yourself. Close your eyes and imagine a protective bubble around you. Give it a color (pink is soothing, green is healing, but choose whatever feels good). Hell, you can even imagine wrapping yourself in this fun pink bubble suit (which you can actually buy on Amazon!)... Whatever works!

Set the intention that this bubble will block you from absorbing anything that doesn't belong to you. This allows you to interact with the world while energetically protecting yourself.

  • Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Make sure and put words to them and be clear whose emotions you’re dealing with, so there's no doubt who they belong to:

“I can feel that mother's devastation.”

“I am afraid something like this could happen to someone I know.”

As you say the words, let all of the feelings pass through you by actively releasing them. Breathe in before you say them and breathe out after; then simply say, "I now release what is not mine to feel." And repeat ... as often as you need to.

And take care of yourself, my friend...

Spiral level: ALL

Use when feeling: overwhelmed