I am the result of the love of thousands!

Action Plan:

I am not sure if I believe in a higher power – something that is benevolent and wants the best for us. Sometimes I do. I wish I did. I envy people who have that unwavering faith. I know that when I do believe it, I feel so much better … safer … peaceful … loved.

The one thing I do unwaveringly believe in is LOVE. I know it sounds hokey, but, well, there it is. And I believe that it has power – it lifts us, soothes us, heals us – it could heal the world, if we let it. As Huey Lewis said, “That's the power that makes the world go 'round.”

Guess what? That power is in us. We are made from love, after all. I mean, your parents “made love” to make you, and all of your relatives and ancestors too. It’s kind of mind-blowing to think of it… the love of thousands of people is what makes you possible. That’s a lot of love … and that’s how powerful we are.

So, today, let’s unleash that loving energy with this simple exercise:

- Close your eyes and breathe into and focus your attention on your heart.

- Think of a time when you felt love. Relive it in as much detail as you can - Let the love and appreciation fill your body.

-Think of someone you want to send that energy to. Imagine them standing in front of you receiving the energy. I like to imagine a rainbow of colors flowing directly from your heart to theirs.

-Feel the love for yourself as you send it out. Notice how it can’t help but flow back to you as you send it.

Oh, BTW, sorry for making you think about your Aunt Myrtle “gettin’ it on.” Just try not to dwell on it…

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great!

Use when feeling: uneasy, sad, indifferent, lethargic