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Updated: Apr 1, 2021


I am the boss dammit, and I can tell worry to shut the hell up.

Action Plan:

Oh, we worry, don’t we? Not only do we worry about ourselves, but we worry about our friends and families. It all comes from a loving space after all; we think that we are helping them, being productive, or supporting them, in some way.

A dear friend once told me that “worry is the opposite of prayer.” That statement just blew my mind! When she put it that way, it suddenly occurred to me that, when you pray for someone, your prayers aren’t, “I’m so scared that she’s going through a hard time.” Your prayer is more like, “Please help her get through this and give her peace.”

A few years ago, another friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. She said she didn’t want us to pity her. Instead she said, “Whenever you think of me, imagine that I am already healed.” It was so great because she gave us something to do. I mean, that’s what we want, isn’t it? We want to help the people we love.

The takeaway from this, aside from the fact that I have some pretty wise friends, is that worry helps no one. All it does is make us feel worse and then it sends more negative energy out into the universe … and Lord knows we don’t need any more of that!

If someone you know is going through a hard time (or even if it’s you), send them positive prayers and energy and imagine them having dealt with it and already on the other side. Oh, and BTW, my friend is now cancer free … in case, you know, you were worried…

Spiral level: All

Use when feeling: sad, worried (for others), powerless

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