I am so grateful for the gift of free time! I never feel like I'm wasting time, even when I'm doing nothing.

Action Plan:

If you have some free time today (or maybe you have things you can do today and you just don’t feel like doing them), I give you complete and total permission to do nothing*! Just BE! Do what organically feels right to you in each moment. Heck, if you want and can**, take the ENTIRE DAMN DAY and spend it doing only what pleases you***!

Ok, there are a lot of asterisks there, so read those below, but I’m just saying, all too often, we spend our free time feeling guilty about the fact that we’re not doing anything and we squander it by feeling badly about it, so we don’t fully enjoy our free time. Or we “half-ass” doing nothing, “I’ll sit down and relax as soon as I get the laundry folded.”

So, go ahead and “full-ass” it today! Just get absolutely nothing done! You deserve it!! Tomorrow you can go back to being your normal productive, gettin’ shit done self.

*If it makes you feel any better, I read that scientists say that doing nothing helps you be more creative. I read it on the internet, so it must be true! So, you’re not really doing nothing – you are enhancing your creativity! Not to mention feeding your soul and filling your own cup!

**Ok, so, don’t abandon your responsibilities; some shit you HAVE TO do. But, today, if you can put off folding the laundry, for instance, go ahead!

*** I’m sure this doesn’t need to be said, but “what pleases you” can’t be something that hurts anyone else, just sayin’….

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: frustrated, lethargic