I am living in and loving the present and am so excited to see how my future will astound me with its amazing-ness!

Action Plan:

I love the idea that we should always be present … truly being conscious of and embracing whatever is happening right now. AND I also love daydreaming about the future. AND, when I can combine those two moments into one delicious moment, it’s positively mystical!

If you’re not sure what I mean, here’s an excerpt from an opening speech I wrote for a play I was producing that perfectly describes what I’m talking about:

Now… this is one of my favorite moments in theatre … You have arrived, found your seats, and can now begin to turn your thoughts from daily affairs to the performance ahead. In a short moment, the house lights go down; everyone will become silent and you can be lost in the magic of theatre…

It really is one of my favorite moments in theatre. In that one moment, you’re profoundly present and so aware of where you are, what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing, while also simultaneously awaiting, in rapt anticipation, the experience ahead.

See if you can write an opening speech like this today for your life. One that will hold both of these spaces open for you at once. Write what you’re experiencing now, through all of your senses, and also what glorious possibilities the future holds. See if you can find that sweet spot, that synthesized moment, where those two things fuse … see if you can feel the magic of it.

Spiral level: Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: good, inspired, next level