Contemplating my own depth of spirit always makes me awe-struck; then when I realize that EVERYONE has this depth, I lose my shit!

Action Plan:

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in, what I like to call, “The care and feeding of our humanness”, that we can forget about our spirit. I mean, just surviving on this planet can be a full-time job … all of the working and the nourishing, washing … oh, and the lotion-ing! Oy! Then there are also the relationships and all of the emotional shit that goes with that! It’s no wonder we’re so fucking tired sometimes!

But, when we get a free brain cell and a little bit of energy, it is so good for our soul to just contemplate our own spirit – to contemplate the spirit of all humans. I think that most of us have this sense of knowing that there's more to us than our “meat suits”; that there is purpose and meaning to life. Some have very strong ideas of what that is; others of us are still figuring it out as we go along.

Take out your journal and spend 5 minutes (or more, if you can) writing about what you believe, spiritually. Write about how what you believe can help you when you are down. Write how it can help you love yourself more; love others more.

If you’re still figuring out what you believe, then spend that 5 minutes meditating on it. Or do some research on some ideas that you’re curious about. Look for things that bring you joy and nourish your soul. Discover what you don’t know … and what you’ve always known.

Spiral level: Meh, Pretty Darn Good, Great

Use when feeling: indifferent, accepting, grateful, connected