For those who like the back story...

Several years ago, while I was feeling great, I had written some affirmations that I was pretty darn proud of. So, a few years later when I spiraled down and started feeling like shit, I thought, "Hey! I'll use those! They'll make me feel better."


Well ... they worked great when I was in the upper spiral, but, while I was in the lower spiral, they all sounded like complete and utter bullshit.


Since I had spiraled down to a really low place, the super positive, Pollyanna affirmations just made me feel worse.  I remember thinking, “Who the hell writes this shit? I mean, have they ever really been depressed?” Then I remembered that I wrote them which made me more depressed. They had made so much sense to me at the time! What the hell happened?

So, I did a little research and found that it wasn't just me (which is always comforting to know). I learned that psychologically, when our self-esteem is low, those overly optimistic affirmations can make us feel worse because they are too contrary to our existing beliefs.

So I decided to try writing some new affirmations, and since my bullshit detector was on high alert, I really had to search for something that I could believe that would also make me feel better. Which was not easy to do when I was feeling like shit, let me tell you. 


This was the first one I wrote:

Nothing lasts forever!  This doesn’t make a bad period suck any less, but at least it helps me realize that it will eventually end.

I could at least believe that was true, and it did make me feel slightly better. And that's when things got exciting and I discovered that I could consciously spiral my way back up.

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