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To get where you wanna go, you have to know where you are...

These affirmations are different  because of this very simple principle, that I like to call
"Nancy's Theorem on Affirmations." 

Actually I don't really call it that, I just made that up right now, but sounds good, doesn't it?

And, BONUS I get to draw stick figures! 

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Putting the Theorem to Work

I created the affirmations with the above principle in mind, which comes down to the 2 basic elements below.

I've incorporated these elements into each affirmation, and I encourage you to be mindful of them as you use them.

Aware woman surround by spirals

Have Awareness

Be aware of how you’re feeling and notice when you’re spiraling down. Be honest with yourself when you choose your spiral level.

Woman snuggled in a warm blanket

Be Kind to Yourself

Accept where you are and never judge yourself by over-identifying with your current spiral level. Love on yourself more, not less.

Each affirmation has been assigned to appropriate spiral levels.

so it's important to begin by assessing how you feel and where you are in the spiral before choosing one. 


Be honest with yourself about how you're feeling to get the affirmation that will work best for you at that moment; putting on a "brave face" will not serve you. The last thing you need to see when feeling Really Low is an affirmation that says, "I'm having the time of my life!"

In addition to meeting you where you are, these affirmations also stress being kind to yourself no matter where you are in the spiral. You are at whatever level you are for this moment; it's not forever. It's ok to be where you are.


In short, don't add feeling guilty for feeling like shit to the list of things to feel shitty about. You need to love on yourself even more when you feel shitty, not less. Just give yourself some grace.

Random Shit to Note
  • I've done my best to assign the spiral levels correctly, but, PS, I’m not even close to being perfect! So, if you choose one and it sounds like bullshit, let me know (in a nice way), and I'll re-evaluate. Then release that one, don't judge yourself (or me) and choose another.

  • These affirmations work best if you actually commit to doing most of the actions. I mean, you can do whatever the hell you want, of course, but if you want to make a change, well, there it is…

  • Sometimes you won’t want to get better; you’ll just want to wallow.  You’ll resist every fucking thing that tries to help you. Believe me, I’ve been there, so I get it. And that’s ok – sometimes we gotta wallow for a bit. I just ask that you realize you’re doing it, realize you can stop doing it, and, once again, don't judge yourself.

  • Self reflection and improvement is hard work. If you ever feel like you need to take a break from it, DO IT!  Trust your instincts.

  • There will be cursing ... just sayin'...