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The Difference between "spiraling" and "Conscious Spiraling"

Generally, when we talk about "spiraling," we mean, "spiraling down."

Which means getting more and more depressed and down on ourselves.

For me it usually goes something like this...

The Anatomy of a Spiral

Conscious Spiraling Literally Flips Spiraling on its Head

Rather than being at the mercy of our downward spiral, we learn to stop it and ride it back up. 

I don't know about you but, I seem to have naturally acquired the skill to spiral down (not to brag or anything), so since it happened so naturally, I never thought I might have  any control over it. I would just wait, impatiently, I might add, for circumstances to change in my life, and then I would start feeling better once things in my world got better.  Realizing I have some measure of control was a game changer!


Taking whatever Control you can, leads you to Ultimately Being Able To:

Tame Your Spiral

Get to know your personal spiral and perhaps even learn to love it ... well, if not that, at least understand and tolerate it.

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Ride it Like a Badass

Learn to stop it, harness it, and navigate it, and leverage that knowledge to  appreciate the badass you are!

The two elements that I discussed in About the Affirmations are, in my opinion, essential in taming the spiral:

  • Being Aware that you're spiraling

  • Don't over-identify with your current spiral level 

(this means stop judging yourself)

If we incorporate both of those things in our lives regularly, we can learn from our spiral and use that leverage to ride it.

Once we learn what makes us spiral and what helps us stop AND what we can do for ourselves to make us feel better, we can use that knowledge to:

  • Create a Game Plan to Stop a Downward Spiral

  • Use tools that work to ride the spiral back up on our own

(this means without waiting for the outside world to change)

  • Accept where we are and what we can manage each day

Random Shit to Note
  • I talk about gratitude and being grateful A LOT! I have found that it’s one of the keys to staying in the upper spiral. I also mention writing in a journal A LOT ... especially about gratitude! If you don’t have a journal, you might want to get one. I have some for sale HERE, but seriously, one from the dollar store will do ... or you can find some online, if you prefer digital.

  • I'm not pretending that you'll have total control over your spiral at all times, but I have found that just the awareness and self compassion alone help me to spiral less and stop a spiral more easily. 

  • To save yourself some time, in general, most everything comes down to this:  Love Yourself ... Always ... No Matter What